Frequently Asked Questions

NutraISO is a functional food ingredient with pharmacological values. A nutritionally potent complex of all-natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and functional groups, human clinical trial results have been statistically significant and should be very encouraging for consumers concerned with chronic health issues such as elevated blood glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin imbalances.

Bioavailability relates to the capacity of a nutrient to be absorbed into the gastrointestinal system and bloodstream, increasing the levels of those nutrients in the human body. Many plant-based nutrients simply pass through your digestive system, unused. Our patented fermentation process is designed to “pre-digest” the rice bran to break connections between carbon structures used by plants to store nutrients and the nutrient itself. Our enzymatic fermentation process allows your digestive system to work more efficiently at absorbing protein, minerals, vitamins, and the contained functional groups. The result is that the human body can absorb and use the maximum amount of nutrition contained in NutraISO.

There are two fermentation processes, microbial and enzymatic. Microbial is used to make wines and beers. Enzymatic fermentation is common in food production and involves using specific enzymes to cleave a carbon substance into smaller parts. The more enhanced the enzyme fermentation, the greater the opportunity for the human digestive system to absorb the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micro/macronutrients.

Functional groups are natural compounds present in plants which research suggest provide health benefits to humans. For some of these functional groups, the evidence of health benefits can be quite strong. They are commonly known for having antioxidant, immunity, or anti-inflammatory benefits. One of the most widely accepted functional groups are phytosterols. These have been extensively studied in humans to lower cholesterol levels.

Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. Some foods are modified to have health benefits. An example is orange juice that’s been fortified with calcium for bone health.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates the claims that manufacturers can make about functional foods’ nutrient content and effects on disease, health or body function.

NutraISO is scientifically documented through clinical trials and meets FDA-DSHEA compliance standards and USPTO standards for patentability. Clinical trials are in motion to further validate findings from initial research

Quintessence Nutraceuticals is a B2B company, selling NutraISO to food, beverage, and supplement manufacturers for use as an ingredient to enhance their product functionality.

NutraISO is ideal for a range of applications, including beverages, powdered supplements, dairy products, and nutrition bars.

NutraISO starts with rice bran. We then apply our proprietary and patented fermentation process. Independent analytical labs have shown marked increases in nutrient levels when comparing rice bran and NutraISO.