Managing Chronic Health Conditions Naturally™ Beverages

From metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease, many health conditions are systemic and can benefit from functional products that address wellness on a holistic level. NutraISO® does just that. NutraISO has been clinically shown to help maintain fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, and lipid levels including cholesterol and triglycerides. These are early scientific findings on the impact of NutraISO on managing insulin resistance which impacts blood sugar levels.

An Integrated Role in Diabetes Management

NutraISO has the potential to be an effective tool within a comprehensive strategy for diabetes management. Rich in antioxidants and functional compounds, this early stage replicated human clinical trial with NutraISO has shown marked improvements in reducing key markers that consumers with pre-diabetic and Type 2 diabetes conditions really worry about. Further testing is in progress to look deeper into these results.

% difference with 30g NutraISO vs Control
Mild/Pre-Diabetics Type 2 Diabetics
Glucose -23.1% -17.8%
HbA1c -15.1% -4.7%
Insulin 40.4% 123.5%

NutraIso also significantly reduced total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides in mild/pre-diabetics.

% Change Day 0 to Day 90 with 30g NutraISO
Cholesterol -18.2%
LDL -13.0%
Triglycerides -35.8%

Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

Within the Metabolic Syndrome, high cholesterol levels and unhealthy blood glucose levels are often interacting. NutraISO contains high levels of several functional components that have been heavily studied and have been shown to impact cholesterol levels and manage blood sugar levels. The lead functional components within NutraISO include inositol, gamma oryzanol, ferulic acid, and tocotrienols. NutraISO is also naturally high in magnesium and manganese, both needed for consumers worried about managing blood sugar levels. Dietary fiber has been found to lower blood glucose levels, thereby playing an important role in balancing insulin. NutraISO is high in dietary fiber and magnesium, both important for maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

NutraISO is the first true functional ingredient to receive a patent for reducing insulin resistance in prediabetic and early-stage Type 2 diabetic individuals.

A light tan powder with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor profile, NutraISO brings functional value to a range of product applications, including beverages, baked goods, nutritional supplements, and bars.

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