Promoting Superior Living through
Effective Functional Ingredients

At the heart of Quintessence Nutritional Sciences is a consortium of food scientists, process engineers, market developers, and other food industry experts with an intensely committed passion for answering a single, grandiose question: how do we make life-changing nutrition more accessible to nutritionally deficient populations worldwide?

We’ve answered this question with our game-changing functional food ingredient NutraISO®.

What began as a desire to mitigate food security and chronic malnutrition in children in developing countries, has now grown to include global implications through application into functional foods and beverages. The connection between the under-nourished in third world countries and many Americans striving for better health is oxidative stress and inflammation. NutraISO provides abundant levels of key vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, etc. that improve the lives of the chronic malnourished but these adults and children can also experience high levels of oxidative stress, just like many in the U.S. – pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as others, experiencing Metabolic Syndrome.

Across populations and life stages, we’ve seen encouraging clinical responses to NutraISO as an ingredient to address health concerns: from prenatal to prediabetic, newborn infant to the senior citizen.

NutraISO is the outcome of Quintessence’s patented, all-natural enzymatic fermentation process to release nutrients that might not normally be available to humans. Numerous clinical research has detailed the human health benefits of inositol, gamma-oryzanol, and ferulic acids. All these functional groups can be found in high levels within NutraISO. Our early-stage human research with NutraISO has produced some very encouraging results that are driven by the overall nutrients and functional groups.

In partnering with food and beverage companies globally, Quintessence Nutritional Sciences is strategically focused on incorporating NutraISO into a range of consumer food and beverage products that can improve consumer lives naturally.